Tartaric acid is the natural ingredient which is existing in grapes or other fruits (such as bananas or tamarind, sweet angle), also the main organic acid of wine. Crystals are formed at low temperatures. In north European, winter is long and cold, wine in the ripening process, containing tartaric acid is easy to crystallization, so the crystal called wine "diamond". Wine cellar will wait until next spring and summer, climate warming, the wines are slightly filtered and bottled. At the same time, people will scrape off tartaric acid crystal which are attached in barrel and fermentor. In areas with warm climates, generally wine does not crystallization, unless keep the wine in low temperature.

【English name】Tartaric acid,short for TA
【Chemical Name】L-2,3-dihydroxy butanedioic acid
【Molecular Formula】C4H6O6
【Structural Formula】


【Isomer】Because it has two mutually symmetrical chiral carbon, it has three isomers, there are  L(+)-tartaric acid, D(-)-tartaric acid and meso-tartaric acid.Same amount of L(+)- Tartaric Acid and D(-)-Tartaric Acid mixed will get racemic tartaric acid or DL-Tartaric Acid.